Who Are We

Betelnut Tours is run by a cambodian & dutch couple. This gives us a good combination of knowing what people would find interesting in seeing and at the same time knowing the best place we can find these things. We try to show you a side of Cambodia that most people will not see.


Vathana has been coming to Phnom Tamao the longest of all of us. After more then 9 years she's still excited to see the animals every time.

  • Likes petting tigers and even snakes, but is terrified of worms!
  • Got bitten by a gibbon once, but she's still her favorite.
  • Favorite animals: Lucky the elephant and Preah Vihear the gibbon


He was backpacking around Cambodia, did this tour, met Vathana when she was the guide and is now stuck with her. If you ask him about the animals that day at the rescue center, he will tell you that he was too distracted to notice them.

  • Favorite animals: Lucky the elephant and Othello & Ophelia, the otters.


She is currently training to be our new tourguide. This means that you should think of as many difficult questions as you can and then ask her. Her parents run the shop where we buy stuff for the tour from. Our hope by hiring her is that from now on we get the family discount when shopping.

  • Favorite animals: Cataract the gibbon and Noinoi the human baby.

Our Life's Story

Our story starts one faithful day in November 2010. For Vathana, it was just another day as a tourguide. For Aram, it was another day sightseeing as a backpacker. Except, on that day, Aram chose Betelnut Tours as his thing to do.

It is difficult to tell what happened exactly during that trip. Different people tell different stories. The only thing that is sure, is that both their lives changed forever. They met on that day and the rest is history.

Aram & Vathana's wedding photo