Kampong Speu Tour

Kampong Speu province is a beautiful and diverse area. On this trip we will take you to some of the more remote places in Cambodia. You can see the local village life, learn about the Cambodian culture and see some beautiful landscapes.

All of this can't be done in 1 day, so we will spend the night at our family's farm.

The countryside of Kampong Speu Province
Kampong Speu province

Cooking Course

Try your hand at making some delicious Cambodian dishes. You can choose from some well known Khmer food as well as some of our family recipes.

Cooking is done using a traditional wood furnace. For convenience's sake, our supplied recipes will include temperatures in celsius, not woodblocks/hour.

Traditional Cambodian stove for the cooking class
Making delicious food

Kirirom National Park

Kirirom National Park is a protected forest with lots of green scenery and waterfalls for you to enjoy. It's name translates as “Happy Mountain”. With a name like that, we just have to visit here.

We will have lunch here on the second day. It's served in a wooden hut next to the water. The perfect way to enjoy your food.

Wooden huts at Kirirom National Park
Lunch next to the water

Overnight Stay At Our Farm

Our family farm will be your home during this trip.

There is no streaming water available, so you have to shower with buckets. Though hot water is available. We also have a western style toilet and actual matrasses. So you don't need to sleep on the ground (though we won't stop you if you want do it anyway).

Two matrasses inside a cotton tent
Dinner with a view
Visit local village

Go for a stroll around a local village. See how Cambodian people live and feel like a celebrity by being greeted over and over an over again by children.

Lunch at a pagoda

Lunch is served at a pagoda halfway up a mountain. Meet some monks and learn about about some buddhist customs.

Harvest vegetables

Some dishes require you to collect the vegetables yourself at our farm. This way you can do the farm work, while we relax. Perfect!

Plenty of hammocks!

Scattered around the farm and most places we visit are hammocks for you to enjoy. Just make sure you don't fall asleep too long!

Shopping at local market

For the cooking course we have to go shopping at the local market. I hope you don't lose your appetite after visiting here.

Traditional Rice Machine

Rice has to be cleaned after it is harvested. This is the old way of doing it. After seeing this happen, we will use that rice for dinner.

Beautiful views

The Cambodian countryside offers stunning views and fresh air.

Khmer Lullaby (hopefully)

Vathana has a lovely voice and likes singing. With some convincing she might sing a Khmer lullaby for us.

This trip will show you a side of Cambodia that most people won't experience. While the Cambodian countrysde is lacking in certain areas, we don't try to make you uncomfortable on purpose. That's why our minivan has airco, the matrasses are soft and our voices are soothing.

This tour is suited for all ages and there are even some different activities for children. During the cooking course they can learn how to make some cold honey lemon ice-tea. At the museum there is a playground for them to play and fish to feed, while the adults learn about the boring stuff. You can also sit out certain activities if you want. So even if you don't feel like joining the cooking course, we'll make sure that you don't starve.

The price covers all expenses during this trip, including 4 meals, entrance fees, transporation everywhere and a reasonable amount of drinks. A reasonable amount means that we bring some soda, fruitjuice and beer for you, but it is not meant as a party. If you want that, you can always buy some more drinks along the way.

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