Phnom Tamao Tour

The Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center is home to over 12,000 animals and is the biggest rescue center in Cambodia. We have been coming here for 10 years and we are intimately familiair with all the animals there.

Almost all the animals in this park are rescued somehow and are being taken good care of by the Wildlife Alliance. We can tell you all about them and their histories.

Chook the elephant being fed banana on a stick
Meet rescued and endangered animals

Personal & Knowledgable

We have extensive knowledge of the animals and their behaviour. We know when they are active and where they like to hide. We know which gibbons are cheeky hair pullers and which tigers are likely to spray on you.

Don't just learn the basic facts of the animals. We can tell you how they got here, how they are taken care of and what will happen to them.

A Sambar deer looking right at the camera
Learn the history of the animals

Up-close encounters

Some gibbons just love attention, so give it to them. Also pet deers, feed otters and probably be chased around by monkeys.

Unlike a zoo, you will be able to get extremely close to a lot of the animals, in a responsible way. Animals are never handled or forced in any way, but most animals are happy to come close by themselves.

See impressions from other people

Vathana petting Sankross the gibbon
Make a gibbon happy

Delicous, homecooked lunch

Cooked by Vathana herself, our lunch has been praised numerous times. There are a few different dishes for you to try, including both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. And having a coconut while lying in a hammock is one our favorite times of the day.

Two people enjoying their lunch with a coconut
Try some nice food

Transportation by Jeep

Transporation is by open-top jeep. Feel the wind in your hair, the sun on your face and the dust in your lungs. You will get a good look at the countryside while travelling to the park. And, honestly, you will look cool while travelling through the city.

A group of people standing in front of our jeep
Unique transportation

A piece of Cambodia

At the beginning of the day you will get your very own kroma (Khmer scarf). This will keep you cool in the jeep and throughout the day.

A blue cotton scarf
The Cambodian Kroma

This is not a luxury air-con tour. You will spend a lot of time in the sun and you will get hot and sweaty. You will be on your feet most of the day and the animals will make you dirty. The roads are bumpy and if it rains, you will get wet. If this doesn’t sound like your idea of fun, don’t do it. However, if you want a special experience, can handle getting hot and dirty and want to meet some amazing people who are working with incredible animals, then this is your trip.

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